#AskError Do April Fool's Day tech "jokes" annoy you?


I don’t know who started the trend but I’m guessing the early Google pranks were a major contributing factor to today’s slew of April Fool’s site take overs. Do you find these entertaining or an annoying waste of resources?


Ooh! Good question. I like this one.


For me these are definitely annoying, but I just ignore them. They don’t bother me enough to label them irresponsible like some people will adamantly protest.

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Definitely annoying. At first they were kind of amusing when they were unusual, but now it’s de-rigeur.


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I find the StackOverflow style jokes mostly harmless (site was stylized in a 90’s era theme, but otherwise fully functional and could be opted out of). The recent trend of full blown tech news articles on 1 April I find very annoying and actually harmful.

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darktable has a built-in April Fool’s joke: The main window will show a retro-style computer game instead of the normal UI. Restarting the application or disabling the joke in the settings removes it. I was incredibly annoyed because I had to urgently export some of my RAW files two weeks ago and needed about a minute to find out how to get out of the game. It’s just unprofessional, imagine Adobe putting something like this into their products.

I have nothing against VLC’s Santa Hat on Christmas, but I’m about to submit a patch to darktable which removes this April Fool’s joke.


Agreed, easter eggs should be things you have to explicitly activate to get. Also the activation sequence should be obscure enough so as to make it unlikely to invoke by accident.

That said, I do love me some easter eggs :smile: - the Amiga was rife with them.

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We used to have easter eggs in Unity, but it got lost along the way.


Reminds me of the break out game hidden in classic MacOS. Removed because the US government banned Easter eggs in anything to be used for government work.