#AskError - is Linus Torvalds right? Should Linux have a single standard desktop?


I’d be fine with that so long as it’s KDE :clown_face:

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Yes. The more differences there are, the harder it is to provide support to large amounts of people. That’s why Ubuntu is so popular: the standard installation is always the same for everybody and it’s not trivial to change basic stuff. If my father calls me, I know his UI looks exactly the same as mine. If he looks up Ubuntu tutorials on YouTube, he can just apply them. If Ubuntu asked people during installation which Desktop Environment they want, there would be chaos.

As for KDE: I don’t mind using it as a desktop environment, but the whole KDE code base is written in Qt, which makes it very hard for many developers to re-use KDE stuff or even integrate with it. GNOME libraries and technologies on the other hand are widely used outside of GNOME itself and therefore often much better supported and polished than the comparable KDE implementation.


As discussed in the other thread, I’d be happy to use Gnome, if it in fact wasn’t a nuclear wasteland on my laptop.

Maybe, in 5-6 years when I go to buy a new laptop, AMD will be more prevalent in that space and I’ll be able to run a blessed chipset so everyone will be happy, but until then, some of us have needs that aren’t well served by AMD, so here we are.