#AskError Microg instead of G-Apps/ Google Play Services


Why don’t the Lineage OS users of this show use microg version of Lineage instead of G-apps for improved privacy?

For example, where I live openstreetmaps/ OsmAnd is not well mapped and updated. So, I am forced to use the proprietary google maps but the app works independently and without the need of having a google account. Also, you can get notified of updates via the RSS feed from softpedia.com of newer apk versions and download it from their website.

I use Signal app similarly too which is unavailable in the F-droid store and is dependent on google-play services.


On my OnePlusX and Nexus 7 I run Lineage. However, I use a lot of Google services, so I want it to all work. I don’t tend to use f-droid because everything I need is in the play store.