#AskError Order or chaos: Is either a better path to a "good life"?



On Linux Unplugged and Coder Radio, @ChrisLAS has recently been espousing the virtues of having a “structure” to daily life, be it self imposed, or through the necessity of living by other’s rules. The argument goes that having clearly defined activities and a requirement to undertake those tasks at predefined times (i.e. a routine), increases productivity, improves health and a promotes a sense of well being.


Others claim to be better able to thrive in a disordered environment and enjoy the freedom from being rule bound. They argue that the lack of restriction allows for energies to be focused on whichever activity motivates them at the time and allows the necessary space for creativity to flourish.

Order or chaos: Is either a better path to a “good life”?

Is one of the above lifestyles generally a better path to a “good life” (define that how you will - perhaps achieving goals and ambitions, fulfilling a purpose, providing contentment and happiness)? If so, which?

Or, does it all depend on your individual personality, your circumstances (job, role, etc), or what you’re trying to accomplish at the time?


I realize that this category is “Ask Error” so forgive me if replying isn’t what you’re looking for or is against the rules, but I’ve gotta say - this question kind of misses the point a little.

Imposing order in your own personal life and day comes down to having personal discipline. As Jacko Willink says in his awesome book Extreme Ownership “Discipline is Freedom”.

So, basically, coming up with a routine that you’re rigorous about adhering to that’s good for you will give you the self confidence to deal with all the chaos that’s inherent in everyone’s lives.

It’s not about “which is better, order or chaos” but rather “How do we DEAL with chaos?” because EVERYONE’s lives are chaotic unless you live in a bubble or some kind of Truman Show constructed reality :slight_smile:


Nice one, thanks for your thoughts.

Regarding the point you raise about replies, I’m not exactly sure whether or not replying to #AskError questions is encouraged or frowned upon - perhaps one of zoo keepers will proffer some guidance. I too have been reticent to reply to topics in this category before, for the same reason.

As far as answering my own questions on here: I do of course hold my own views (often strongly held), but prefer to hear what others think - in the podcast or on forum - before telling people how they’re wrong :zipper_mouth_face: :smile:

I tried to phrase this question in a way that provides food for thought within a loose framework, but the wording needn’t be taken literally. I just thought a discussion about balancing order and chaos, rules and freedom, structure and disorder might be interesting.


Discussion is always good. Feel free to reply to #AskError questions. :grinning: