#AskError Pain for principles - where's your threshold?


How much pain* are you willing to take in standing up for a ideal, principle or belief?

For example: If you had serious disagreements with policies in your workplace, how much financial and/or career disadvantage would you be willing to suffer to leave? Or, how much personal inconvenience (and other negative impact on social life, work opportunities etc) would you accept to leave (or stay off) a social media or messaging platform that is run in way you find morally or ethically wrong - yet that most of your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and career networks extensively (or exclusively!) use?

The answer would clearly be circumstantial and would vary according to how strongly you held the principle and exactly what you’d lose by standing up for it. But, in general terms - how important are principles to the way you live your life? How “disadvantaged” would you be willing to be, even if your actions were unlikely to bring about the changes you’re fighting for?

  • “pain” meaning: convenience, financial, emotional, psychological, probably not physical - but maybe!