#AskError The Need for The Old


With the growth of mainstream applications and features becoming “GUI-only” or desktop focused such as software centers and tools like Etcher, do new users still need to become familiar or proficient with these item’s older command line variants such as DD and Apt?


It’s an interesting question. I know there was a meme back in the old days that “if you had to open a terminal, it is a bug”. Meaning you (users) should be able to do anything they need in the GUI and not need a terminal.

The whole mud that gets thrown at Linux for being predominantly command line based is somewhat misplaced. I mean, the command line is uber powerful, sure. But if you go only 6 inches deep into Microsoft or Apple support you’ll find commands you need to type.

Might be an interesting challenge to try and go a day/month/year(?) without touching a terminal :slight_smile: