#AskError Why has the proliferation of open-source video editors occurred to such an extent?


A problem I see in the FOSS world is constant proliferation of new software projects that do same or similar things instead of working to create a few good options to satisfy different workflows.

Two obvious reasons maybe “not invented here” or just simply modernizing or simplifying against another project.

FLOSS Video Editors are in a worrying state of diaspora. Constant building on top of each other with very little change from editor to editor. Problems cannot be worked on collectively so all solutions are broken is some ways. Let’s compare this to OSS graphics, Can you tell me the workflow difference between Krita and GIMP? Now, what are the workflow differences between Kdenlive and Pitivi?

Let me now extend this to Desktop Environments. Unlike the textual shell, no one has agreed on a graphical shell. Linus Torvalds has stated this as a reason why desktop Linux never took off. Now while KDE and GNOME work against each other, ChromeOS has become the official Linux DE.

Is this a good thing that happens in open-source? After not shaking things up might keep devs complacent in inferior ideas. Or promote feature creep and bloat?

Isn’t open-source supposed to mirror natural selection, who am I to try and control direction?

Do you think that complexity creates more points in which deviation in ideas can occur? In the GUI land we can choose either Qt or GTK, and we haven’t even started, compare this to the terminal.


(this is long so i hope you can cover all points in an episode, sorry if you can’t)