#AskError Why isn't AppImage part of the larger universal packing discussion?


Everytime I hear about universal packaging or containerised Linux desktop apps. It is always Snap vs Flatpak.

I have always been a bigger fan of AppImage because…

  • Contained within one app file that can be seen by the user and easily transferred via USB or P2P to another user/computer.
  • Well supported by default on nearly every distro
  • Can contain an update URL and checksums
  • Doesn’t suffer from the large download sizes that Flatpak has, Uses dependencies found in all common Linux desktops
  • Simple. Its in essences a zip file containing the binary and metadata.

The best idea would to make an F-Droid inspired build service that would make a lot of open source apps available and would enforce update and checksums in the file itself. This doesn’t really exist as far as I can tell, But would your opinion on AppImage change if it did?

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