Distro Stigma or Dangerous Topic?


I, like many here listen to many Linux and open source podcast and I’ve noticed that most rarely if ever discuss a certain breed of distro. This breed includes Kali and DarkArch so I’m wondering is it because of what those distros are meant to do or is there some stigma that us newer users aren’t aware of


I’d suggest for Kali it’s because it’s a very niche distro, not a general purpose one. That immediately reduces the proportion of the audience who will be interested in talking about it. One could say the same thing about Slackware. Most podcasts only mention it when speaking in historical terms, or when mentioning the fact that the developer needs help.

I don’t believe there’s anything more to it than that. What do you think?

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Also, another thought. There just aren’t people making Kali Linux podcasts, or DarkArch podcasts, and people from those distros appearing on other shows. A significant reason why you hear about Ubuntu all the time is because people like me run a podcast about it, and appear on other people’s shows. If the distro maintainers and their community don’t get out there, then you’re not gonna hear about it.

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Both very good points. Also, your on a podcast? Really I had no idea!