Episode 58 - Stranger Distro Danger


New JB team member Ell joins us to discuss e-waste, the motivations for our distro choices, and letting children out of your sight.

Plus some solid #AskError questions about food and aliases.

Also check out Joe’s new show Choose Linux.

00:00:26 Intro
00:01:26 Computer sustainability
00:13:17 #AskError: What one meal could you live on for the rest of your life?
00:17:06 Distro choice
00:25:09 #AskError: What is your favorite bash alias? If you aren’t heavy alias users - why?
00:29:30 Independent children



2 things.

  1. Teaching your kids “stranger danger” is so awful. I agree with Ell’s perspective of teaching about consent and personal boundaries from a very early age. Much better way of keeping kids safe. We also never force our kids to kiss/hug/cuddle relatives or grandparents… and it pisses off the grandparents, sometimes.

  2. Daniel, I do not believe for one second you can’t find good curry in Sacramento. I am convinced either you haven’t really looked, or you have rose-colored glasses when remembering your curry in London. I have eaten curry in many restaurants in London and I’ve eaten curry in a lot of restaurants in the Sacramento valley. If I can find decent curry in Lodi, you can find it in Sac. With all the Indians in the central valley…

Next time I’m coming to Sac, I’ll take you out and we’ll find some curry!

Cheers, all!

Love the show!