Episode 60 - Disturbing Messages


How to deal with Internet drama in the Linux world, the rise of live streaming, and disturbing people with messages and calls.

Plus preparing for end times, and the best moment of Joe’s life.

00:00:25 #AskError: What’s your biggest claim to fame?
00:03:47 Internet drama and Linux
00:15:31 #AskError: If you send someone a message and it disturbs them, whose fault is it?
00:22:46 On demand vs live streaming
00:32:25 #AskError: Should you prepare for the apocalypse?


My biggest claim to fame was getting nearly a million views on some stupid star wars jar jar compilation I made.

Relating to that Ubuntu drama, Would having the system use snaps actually work? It might be a good idea? You would at least be able to make Ubuntu a rolling release with a stable base.

If you are calling someone at a late time for something trivial, It’s your fault. A text message is not your fault, and a social media message is even less your fault.

I think I agree with Joe in my preference of on-demand.

I think people should mostly learn how to live off-grid, I feel that it is still useful, and if something goes wrong IRL, Not knowing would have the most devastating effect. Make sure your preped by downloading all Debian DVD’s and storing them in a solar flare resistant box.