Episode 64 - Abandoned Support


Why Linux doesn’t just work on all hardware, criticism of your field, and the ethics of acquiring old software.

Plus venturing outside, and how we install unusual applications.

00:00:37 Why is hardware support so terrible?
00:12:21 #AskError: How much time do you spend outside?
00:16:08 If you’re wedded to a concept or axiom for your job, is there any way you can be objective about criticism of your field?
00:26:13 #AskError: If an application you want is not available in your distro’s repo, which community package would you choose and why?
00:31:54 Is it ok to pirate abandonware?


I agree with @popey that Abandonware is a dubious label specifically intended to justify copyright infringement. At the same time, I absolutely love RetroPie and revisiting games that I owned when I was younger, but the hardware/media I owned is long damaged or inoperable.

I think spending time with other human beings, whether it’s friends or family, is far more important than just being outside. I’ve spent a lot of time in remote wilderness both voluntarily and involuntarily and I think people idealize and “Instagram” their concept of nature. I much prefer my air conditioning, coffee, couch, phone, and TV on most days.

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Joe’s impression of the life of a Scientist made me chuckle.