Episode 65 - Dungeons and Distros


00:01:00 Email etiquette
00:10:17 #AskError: Thoughts on Dungeons and Dragons?
00:14:00 What does it take to be a proper Linux distro?
00:26:33 #AskError: Do April Fool’s Day tech “jokes” annoy you?
00:32:16 Always learning new things


As someone that works at a large organization, I think you should have an automatic signature block on both original emails and all replies with name, title, organization, email, and phone number. Replies are especially annoying because if someone forwards an email with replies, it can be very difficult to figure who someone is in the email chain and how to contact them.

I have an automatic signature on both my work and personal email that also gets appended to replies. I get both calls and emails from my signatures, so I was surprised when Alan said he never has. It could be a function of scale though because I regularly send emails to thousands of coworkers at a time and deal with coworkers I’ve never met and that work in different timezones.