Is Rains of Castamere an appropriate tune to play at a wedding?


Based on the history of the tune being played at a wedding, is it a good idea or not?


I had to look this up and it seems to be related to the Red Wedding which is something I only know about through cultural osmosis. I assume that you are being silly because my understanding is that bad things happened at the Red Wedding.


It is a lovely tune, and while bad things certainly happened at a fictional wedding in a story, does that mean that the tune shouldn’t be played at a real wedding?


Now I’ll have to listen to it.


I went and found the song having never heard of it. I’m sure it’s nice in context or played among friends and family who all get the cultural reference. If I heard it at a wedding I’d probably wonder “what the actual bobbins is this!?”.

However “It’s your special day” rule applies here I guess. People can do whatever the hell they want on their day. Hell, I got married in a church with a vicar and everything and I’m a massive atheist. :slight_smile:

Although the vicar who married us committed suicide by self immolation some 18 years later. I don’t think I’m to blame for that though.


For reference, I am referring to playing the melody only, and not singing the lyrics. Shit, the wedding is in 30 minutes and I’m still drinking my morning coffee


Now I have a brother-in-law from Dover :confused: