Shadow, the cloud gaming company


Now we all know cloud gaming and thin clients arnt anything new but the way this new company Shadow does it is quite interesting. The big reason I’m bringing them up here is they use an almost full Linux stack to bring you a “cloud based gaming rig” that TBH is a pretty powerful machine. Thoughts on cloud gaming and the Shadow company?


I’m very skeptical about their ability to deliver a service the quality they’ve promised and actually make a profit. I give them 6 months, tops.


Yeah, numerous companies have tried this over the years. There’s even some doing it on android so they don’t have to deal with the individual nuances of device configurations. Really needs a big player like Valve or Epic to do it at scale and draw in revenue with access to a large back catalog, or a major first party title.


they are older then six months already


6 months from now :wink: