Why is everyone standardizing on Gnome when KDE is so much more stable?


So, first off let me say that the sheer amount of engineering effort that goes into all the Linux desktops is just amazing, and the fact that most of it happens totally unfunded even more so.

But I’m super confused as to why all the major Linux distros (Ubuntu, now Redhat, etc.) have standardized around Gnome 3.

Between Gnome itself, and gdm which they switched to as of Gnome 3, they’re having some fairly major stability and hardware support problems.

While Gnome keeps re-inventing itself (Corba! No! Javascript! No!) KDE keeps chugging along adding value and becoming more and more mature.

Yet everyone and their uncle is piling on to Gnome.

Ultimately I think it won’t matter because with all the big commercial entities pipling funding into Gnome it will become rock solid, but the current state of affairs leaves me utterly confused.

Admittedly my objectivity is tainted after 3 months of futile flailing to get stock Ubuntu up on my laptop. Take a gander at all the bugs I filed:

#1796614 [nouveau] Ubuntu 18.10 boots to a blank screen with a blinking cursor
#1796614 [nouveau] Ubuntu 18.10 boots to a blank screen with a blinking cursor
#1796743 Ubuntu 18.10 - Alienware 17 R5 crashes on sleep
#1799180 Ubuntu 18.10 / Linux 4.19 -rc7/8/Final - System slows / stops
#1799073 Full screen key chorded zoom (Alt+Super+=) fails in 18.04.1/18.10

I know about the licensing issues with QT, but I thought the Qt company fixed those long ago. Can anyone explain what seems to be an utterly irrational decision?


Probably just like with what happened with Microsoft Windows, corporate backing. There are major organizations behind Gnome (some long gone, like Sun MiMicrosystems).

KDE has not enjoyed (or suffered) the same fate in that area.


Yes but… WHY?

Microsoft backed Windows because Windows was created at Microsoft. Gnome and KDE weren’t created by Cannonical or Redhat, they erach had to pick a horsae and they both backed Gnome.

I’m trying to understand why given that it seems to be a fractal problem awaiting a solution or an ongoing software architect’s ego trip :slight_smile:


Gnome is technically a GNU project. Backed by the GNU Foundation, so I think that has a lot to do with it. I would think that it’s also momentum and history, Ubuntu used to be Gnome" based, so why would they change to KDE after Unity, it makes sense to go back to "vanilla’ Gnome.

I am a proud KDE convert once KDE neon went to 18.04.